GRATITUDE meeting to introduce the project "Reducing losses in harvesting and processing of root crops" at Hanoi University of Science and Technology on 22.10. 2014

a - Summary of project:
Cassava and yams are two food crops to ensure food security for 700.00 million people. However, post-harvest losses during processing and can be up to 60% of yams and 30% for cassava. Post-harvest losses are very large and exist in the following format:
(1) Loss of volume.
(2) Economic losses (due to lower prices or processed into products with low value).
(3) Losses generated biowaste.
b - The goal of the project:
(1) Minimize the loss of material during storage of fresh yam tubers form.
(2) Improving added value and minimize material losses and economic processing of cassava and yams.
(3) Increased use of by-products to produce products for consumers, such as snacks, edible mushrooms, feed.
c - The content of the project:
  (1) Evaluation and management of cassava value chain and yams.
  (2) Reducing post-harvest losses of yam.
  (3) Developing new markets for cassava.
  (4) Improving the added value of products.
  (5) To ensure safety, quality and conformity of the product.
  (6) Test technology with partners benefiting from the project.
  (7) To disseminate and support the replication model.
  (8) Management, monitoring and evaluation.

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