Annual Forecasts 2014-2015 harvest cassava in excess of Yen Bai 70,000 tons of fresh cassava roots from drying cassava inactivity.

Annual Forecasts 2014-2015 harvest cassava in excess of Yen Bai 70,000 tons of fresh cassava roots from drying cassava inactivity.
The consumption of cassava placed on the plant, so the plants are open at full capacity to purchase cassava for people ... So far, Yen Bai province has not approved the plan area of cassava material for local . It is expected that by 2015 the total area of 15,000 ha, Yen Bai, supplying raw materials for 3 starch processing plants in the districts of Van Yen, Yen Binh Nghia Lo.


People Tram Tau disappointed Nghia Lo cassava plants stopped buying cassava

However, according to incomplete statistics of DARD Yen Bai, area harvested cassava crop year 2014-2015 is 16,499 ha, concentrated in the districts of Van Yen, Yen Binh, Van Chan, Tran Yen and Tram Tau, the average yield of 19-22 tonnes / ha. The total production of fresh cassava tubers over 330,000- 350,000 tons.
Because cassava selling price over the past years, people should expand the area of cassava, cassava is grown mainly two types of high performance KM60, KM94 to sell the plant and kiln dried cassava.

In previous years, China not only buy but also to buy fresh cassava cassava cassava prices have pushed up at 2,200-2,500 VND / kg. Van Yen district alone has 1,000 kiln dried cassava, the oven along with the starch processing plant rose racing. With the purchase price of such appeal, the area of cassava constant expansion.


Officer Van Yen uphill movement of people actively harvested cassava after Tet

Highland district Tram Tau and Van Chan highland years ago only grow cassava breeding service, but due to the high price of cassava cassava farmers racing, area increase thousand ha.
Cassava crop year 2014-2015 China not buying fresh cassava and cassava, while the food processing plants in the country to purchase cassava very moderately, so excess cassava is easy to see.
Yen Bai Province has 3 processing plant starch, is only 2 factories. Nghia Lo cassava plant has purchased approximately 16,500 tonnes of cassava people, output is over 4,000 tons of starch.
But because the factory is located near residential areas, causing unpleasant stench, so from the end of February 2015 the plant paused producing.
Mr. Ngo Vu Hung, Director of the factory, said: Price cassava plants purchased from 1,400-1,700 VND/ kg, which has stopped processing plant to treat the environment as required by the local government, the number of remaining cassava in population over 5,000 tons. Tram Tau district in which about 80% of the cassava harvest yet. Hundreds of farmers wishing to sell land for planting cassava but had to in order to save the ...

Van Yen cassava plant as of the date purchased 4/3 of the population of 58,000 tonnes of cassava processing 15,000 tonnes of starch. Purchase price of cassava beginning of 1,500 -1,700 VND / kg, which is purchased by people 1,300 VND / kg at the factory.



Van Yen cassava plant capacity open for people buying cassava

Van Yen district has 7,500 hectares of cassava, cassava is the largest district in Yen Bai province, annual cassava production from 170,000 to 180,000 tons of fresh cassava roots. In previous years apart two processing lines are kiln dried cassava 1,000 should buy cassava consumption is very fast.
This year the processing furnace stops working, just buy the cassava plant population. Although not competing but plants still buying at the right price for the benefit of cassava. With the current market cassava, cassava crop year 2014-2015 Yen Bai forecast surplus of about 70,000 tons, forced to save the service.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Trinh- Director of plant cassava Van Yen said: Season producing of plant to early April is constantly processing. With a capacity of plants can only consume about 80,000 tonnes / crop, cassava surplus population of about 60,000 tons.


Starch exports to China

So from the 4th New Year factory opened for people buying cassava. Processing time about a month, so the SX plant to day, promoting the consumption of cassava for the people. Although cassava exist in very large population, but not factory price pressure, buying at the right price to benefit the people. So they stick with the factory.

Author: Thai Sinh
Source: Report of Agriculture Vietnam

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